PEACE in 2004
that's what I want, what do you want?

We did it!!!

PEACE in 2004

photo by Cindy Chew, The Independent, Tuesday, January 6, 2004. Page 2A

Ten-month-old Zoe Mederer sits in front of 2,004 peace symbols painted on 81 plastic panels laid out along the Civic Center plaza lawn on New Year's Day. Her mother, Nikki Kourmouzis, created the art piece, titled "Peace in 2004," as her wish for the New Year.

We did it!!!

They say it can't be done but I bet anything it can. PEACE is possible.

That's right! Count them, 2004 peace signs to be displayed on New Years Day 2004,
at around 2pm in front of San Francisco City Hall!

You are invited to participate, make a peace sign out of anything but preferably recycle! Like what? Well, what about all those Matt Gonzalez signs? Turn them over, take a marker and make a peace sign. It would be the perfect thing to make them into and to have them displayed in front of our City Hall on the first day of New Year in a celebration of Peace for Peace, in 2004.

Please email me to make arrangements and drop off your peace sign if you can't make it on New Years day, or if you are sending it from elsewhere in the US or the world.

Peace in 2004,
Take care, Nikki

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